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Covid19 has changed the approach of Organization Culture.

The approach to developing organization culture has been changed after the pandemic Covid-19. How?

After the pandemic Covid-19, the leaders of organizations need to consider how to interact with employees across the organization. For most of the organizations, the top-down communication has been the way of developing corporate culture so far. But the Covid-19 has caused it to be less powerful or inappropriate given the top-down direction only is not quite workable to make all staff members get involved in the movement. The pandemic requires everyone’s involvement. Everyone must adapt promptly to the changed environment and act flexibly and eargerly.

Organization culture is momentous to decide the future of the company, as well as to overcome difficult times. Culture has become a more important strategic indicator to determine the prospect of the organization and many elements of which are tightly connected with the bottom line. For this reason, corporate culture strategy can’t be compartmentalized with corporate business strategy. It means that culture-developing strategy should be included in the business strategy and they should be in line with each other well.

“Here’s how organizational culture might have been handled in the past: The CEO commissions the Human Resources department to produce an effective company culture. HR designs a campaign to tout a mission statement and core values that the CEO and senior management developed. HR also implements some employee perks like free snacks in the break room or monthly birthday celebrations. Maybe they also field an annual employee engagement survey and report results back to the CEO. And then with their culture-building to-do lists completed, the CEO and HR move on to other priorities. ” (source: Danis L Y, Harvard Business Review)

What approach is needed after the Covid-19?

When it comes to leadership of the corporate culture, we may consider the leadership role of CEO and management most significant in the organization . We may also expect their voices to be bigger than employees. HR department is also anticipated to intensify its efforts to play a primary leadership role in developing culture. But after Covid-19 broke out, nothing seems to be normal about the roles we used to have. It is not appropriate if the organization depends on the roles of CEO. executives and HR only.

It is true that the pandemic upended many things that we did normally. Some employees endure a lengthy isolated lock-down as per the pandemic regulation or some people need to bar themselves from colleagues by working from home. This became a new normalcy. So what we need to have urgently is a new culture-developing methods that work in the checks and balances of the management of corporate culture.

There is no one particular person or department to take it accountable for the corporate culture leadership. It is every single person in the organization to take part in the development of the corporate culture everyday. Everyone in the organization should be given a defined role to play to make their organization more effective and suitable for today’s corporate culture. This is the approach highly recommended in almost every organization today .

Every company has its own culture, which sometimes hardly found to be well defined or not well agreed by employees. Then, what behaviors and attitudes does the organization need to develop? Could they be created by the eagerness of CEO or the top-down management? No, it wouldn’t. Then, whose influence and efforts are needed to get it done?

It is everyone. When everyone in the organization takes a good part in building the culture within positive atmosphere and with good values and teamwork, the to-be wanted culture can be achieved.

Covid-19 has changed the destiny of t every organization.

Then what strayegy would it be required for the future of the organization? It is the Organization Culture to upend the course of the destiny. Everyone in the organization should purposely be given a role for the culture development. And everyone should take a sincere part in cultivating it.


Written by Jungwan Shin (AJPOP Consulting)

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