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Crashing a Project [Project Mgmt]

Crashing a Project


Crashing a project means that we need to reduce the overall duration of a project.


What are the ways to crash a project? 

  1. by adding more resources. But, when resources are added, direct cost of activity can be always increased.
  2. by changing the structure of the proejct.
  3. by changing the process (‘fast tracking’ process can be developed.)



How can we crash a project? The following steps can be taken. 

  1. Critical activities need to be identied.
  2. Least expensive activities need to be selected.
  3. All selected areas need to be implemented in timely fashion and all related paths must be updated.
  4. All cost saving areas need to be detected repeatedly by taking the above 1-3 steps.


by AJPOP Consulting

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