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Through Covid19, what enhances and impedes creativity and teamwork in our organization? It is Organization Culture and Leadership.

Through Covid19, what enhances and impedes creativity and teamwork in our organization?

Amid anxiety and uncertainty after the outbreak of Covid19, the most critical factor for individual creativity and teamwork is considered ‘Organziation Culture’ and ‘Leadership’.

‘Organization Culture’ plays a more critical role during the time of crisis. Depending on what type of corporate culture the company has, the corporate environment can either enhance individual creativity and teamwork or impede it. In the positive corporate culture, people get more likely to be volutary and eager to get involved in meeting the coporate objectives with great teamwork and try to find the solutions to the problems they face, caused by Covid19.  We often notice that many employees feel reluctant to give opinions proactively or afraid of giving honest thoughts and ideas when requested by their bosses, who need to come up with the right solutions to tackle the problems the company encounters such as impending financial crunch and unexpected deep decline in sales, and so on. Many of the employees often remain quiet or not active enough to talk about what they need to do in critical situations leading the company to crisis. One of the reasons may be the fact that they are just afraid of being criticized by anybody in the organziation, espeically in front of their bosses or collegues.

In fact, it is the postive corporate culture to make employees feel good or bad about where they work. If the culture makes them feel free to give thier own opinions whenever and wherever, they would do so withought much hesitation given that it is assumed to natural and ordinary. To have such a culture within the company, company would need to let employees do such exercises everyday. And it will gradually have such a positive corporate culture if it continues to motivate employess to take part in team-based open-discussion, eventually transforming the company in which employees volutarily engage themselves to bring more innovation, growh and more competitive advantages in the market.

To have postive corporate culture, first and most importantly, what would be the pre-requisite? It is ‘leadership’.

When there is strong leadership in place in the organziation, organization culture will be much faster enhanced to cope with many issues related to Covid19. It is CEO that makes it happen and should give full support for such positive corporate culture and employee leadership.This is CEO leadership. It will become much easier for employees to volutarily and eagerly create such a positive corporate culture. The second wave of Covid-19 is approaching or already offers new as well as ongoing challenges for health, business stability and innovation. Strong leadership development is much required.

Author: AJPOP Consulitng, CEO Jungwan Shin

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