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Leaders’ Future Oriented Leadership

Written by Julia Jungwan Shin


During my time with prominent leaders in the U.S. business conference in May, I had sufficient time to think of what my vision was and whether my vision is being realized. I realized how important leaders should be more future oriented leader. In fact, before my decision to the trip to New York, I was confused about whether to join the trip due to many urgent business matters at mother country. Now I can definitely say it was a great joy and learning that I haven’t expected. Through the journey, we learned very important thing for lifetime journey of CEO in the organization, which is the necessity of developing “future oriented leadership”.


As leaders in the organization, many people learn leadership skills in many occasions. Yes. As far as I remember, all the different types of leadership skills so far were taught through talking and listening. When I look back, it was rather forced to learn and practice. But this time, I learned and realized something special that inspired me and our CEOs a lot via several visits to great leaders’ memorials and conferences. We realized again that great leaders are so future oriented and they attempt enormously to realize their dreams with strong belief in what they pursue. In Korea, I often give my leadership lectures and coaching to corporate leaders including CEOs and executives from many different fields. During lectures, I often talk about a few famous leaders that we all know including Martin Luther King, Wright Brothers and so on. When talking about them, I deliver their messages, which are often by book and by study. The power of delivery of messages might be not strong enough to touch their hearts. Well, I don’t know how much they got inspired by my saying. When I visited West Potomac Park where Martin Luther King statue is located and read all his great statements in the memorial, my heart was deeply moved and beaten thinking how great he was. I just wondered how he could perform such a great speech in big audience in 1960s when there were no smart phones and no emails. What made so many people come to the square on time? His genuine belief in human rights must have spread to person to person, voice to voice and heart to heart. I also visited National Air and Space Museum in Washington mall to see the Wright brother’s first aircrafts, I was also very impressed with so many aircrafts they tried and built at initial stages those days. I just got so admired. Nobody asked them to build aircrafts but their belief did. They pursued their dream and vision incessantly. They tried over and over despite ongoing injuries, criticisms, and failures. How challenging and innovative they were! No matter what, they wanted to realize their vision. Today, to many young people in despair and with many failures, their great vision and achievements give inspiration as I was given. They make us think what we need to do today and tomorrow!


Today is full of uncertainty. I believe that our society may need more future oriented leaders who can lead our youngsters to bright side of future. Some says that great leaders are not just born but made. I try best to become a future oriented leader and want to become at least 10% of Martin Luther King, Wright brothers and Steve Jobs. Sounds crazy but at least try!!! And I hope my clients including CEOs, successors and executives who visited the places together felt the same.

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