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Networking Skill

Written by Julia Jungwan Shin


Mike Lord stated, “if you don’t have a seat at the table, you’re probably on the menu.” That sounds very real to me. His statement helped me to think how important it is for leaders to get involved in necessary occasions. Mark mentioned that for anybody to avoid being on the menu at the table it is essential to get involved as much as they can. It is true that we sometimes forget the importance of getting involved in important things. We sometimes blame such absence for busy schedule. I well understood how significant my everyday networking is to affect both personal and business life in positive way.


As business consultant, I often say that leaders should think and act proactively. I often advise leaders from different industries of the fact that leaders should gain good quality information and good knowledge from as many different sources as possible. During my Washington DC residency, I realized networking skills need to be developed. I understood how important to have right people for right information in many occasions. And I also grasped how important to keep good continued networking. I sometimes make excuses for my negligence of not networking with people by saying that I am too busy due to work schedule and EMBA study. The lectures of Mike Lord helped me understand how powerful networking is for business stability and expansion. Business success is much affected by the quality of networking. As Mike Lord advised, everyone could be affected by public policy and government regulations. But we don’t feel this as it is unseen. He took an example of North Korea case when he tried to let us understand the relationship between countries. He said that the current US pressure on South Korea over trade issues undercut the necessity for close negotiation and cooperation between South Korea and the US over North Korea issues. I recall the statement of Marcus Noland that the relationship between Abe (Japanese PM) and Trump was well developed during Abe’s visit to the US.


Networking takes time. Thus, CEO would need to make his extra time for relationship with good external sources with intention. This is expected to affect both CEO’s personal growth and company’s future success.

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