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Why do stakeholders matter when ‘desing thinking’?

Why do stakeholders matter when conducting ‘desing thinking’?


When conducting design thinking the team would need to define who the stakeholders of the project would be because the engagement with right stakeholders in the process of design thinking plays a critical role in making the good determination on the quality of the project. Their inputs and confirmation would be very important. The related stakeholders can get engaged in various ways. Most popular ways include interview, survey and one-on-one conversation. During the process of engagement, the voice of the stakeholders will need to be well captured and reflected in all the steps from the inspiration, to the ideation to the implementation. And their views and findings that were collected through the whole process will need to be confirmed and recorded.


Regarding type of stakeholders and engagement, the following can be referred to:


When selecting stakeholders, we need to consider both internal and external stakeholders. For instance, it is often found that some ideas from internal stakeholders are not the ones from external stakeholders. So different views and ideas from different people are needed for better solutions. One example is that wherever we go, there are people analytical or emotional, or those both analytical and emotional. Some analytical people may suggest analytical ideas while emotional people offer emotional ones. So, ideas from diverse group of people would need to get involved in the process of design thinking to come up with the optimal solution to the problems. Another example is as follows; when we need to develop a customer service system, we contact the system developer to develop our system. But if it is developed without engagement of the users (here, customer service representatives), the system won’t have optimal functions and features for the best use of service representatives. It means it wouldn’t give sufficient value to customers as well as service representatives.


All related stakeholders must get involved in the process of design thinking to come up with the most innovative solutions and the most innovative products or services that the company can offer to customers.











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